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Radiator Caps Take Pressure Off Car Owners

Maintaining the anti-freeze coolant is an important aspect of a healthy cooling system. This involves one of the most basic components of the automobile, the radiator pressure cap. The cap keeps cooling system pressure at the recommended pressure rating for the car. Each pound of pressure exerted on the cooling system raises the boiling point of the coolant by 3 degrees at sea level. This allows the cooling system to operate at a higher temperature before boiling over, increasing the system’s efficiency and reducing emissions.
Higher pressure demands one precaution: removing the cap carefully. Removing a hot radiator cap under pressure can cause a dangerous geyser of scalding steam. Stant Manufacturing Company, pioneers in cooling system component design, offers an option to make the procedure safer and easier.
Known as the Lev-R-Vent, this cap has a double-safety feature. “It’s a fail-safe system,” explained John Blommel, Stant Director of Marketing. “The lever on top of the cap includes a stem that interlocks with the filler neck and prevents the removal of the cap until the lever has been lifted. Raising the lever lifts the entire pressure valve from the lower sealing seat releasing steam out through the overflow tube before the cap can be removed from the filler neck.”
The Stant radiator cap line also includes the Swiv-el Pressure Cap. This cap is designed for easy installation and removal on both open and closed cooling systems. “Our Swiv-el caps are user-friendly because they’re easier to grasp and turn than conventional caps,” said Blommel.” Every device that promotes safety in the realm of automotive maintenance is a good investment.”
More than one out of four vehicles checked during National Car Care Month fail the car check-up because of low antifreeze-coolant level; this can lead to cooling system failure. Stant’s pressure cap designs play an important role in the maintenance of this system, helping sustain the prescribed pressure.
For more information, visit Stant Manufacturing on the web at www.stant.com.



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