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CompleteRadiators.com is providing these articles as a free service to our users. Some have been written by other parties and we have been given permission to publish these useful resources. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to reproduce these works without the original author's written permission!

Cooling System: Maintenance and Tech Tips

Updated on 9/23/2009
Aside from the water pump, there are three main components of a vehicle’s engine cooling system: the radiator, heater core and coolant.  Al...Read Article

Gotham City Saved!

Updated on 1/4/2008
        CompleteRadiators.com in Oklahoma City, got what they thought was a crank call the other day. "The guy...Read Article

Antifreeze Facts

Updated on 12/16/2007
Antifreeze is added to your radiator. Antifreeze keeps your radiator fluid from freezing when it is very cold and keeps your car from overheating on v...Read Article

Cooling System Maintenance

Updated on 12/16/2007
Is your vehicle running hot? Overheating? Does the engine leak green or orange fluid from the cooling system? Are the belts due for replacement (e.g.,...Read Article

Cooling System Tune-Up Checklist

Updated on 11/14/2007

Technical Information: AC Condenser

Updated on 8/27/2006
Like the name says, it will condense the refrigerant that circulates through the condenser. At this point, this is where the refrigerant must release ...Read Article

Technical Information: Heater Core

Updated on 8/27/2006
Heater cores are available in aluminum or aluminum/plastic and copper/brass. Solder fatigue, corrosion and internal erosion cause heater core failures...Read Article

When Replacing A Radiator

Updated on 8/27/2006
Many reasons cause a radiator to fail.  Here are a few steps that will help prevent comebacks. Always ask yourself what caused the radiator ...Read Article

Cooling System Components

Updated on 8/27/2006
Radiator Cap The radiator cap is used to control cooling system pressure and coolant recovery. The cap is spring-loaded to the manufacturer speci...Read Article

Testing for Cooling System Electrolysis

Updated on 10/19/2005
A voltmeter capable of reading both AC and DC currents is required to test cooling systems. The meter needs to read zero to the maximum voltage of t...Read Article

Warranty Killers

Updated on 8/3/2005
CompleteRadiators.com warrants its radiators to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Other radiator problems or failures not relat...Read Article

Cooling System: Antifreeze/Coolant

Updated on 5/12/2005
Description   The most common formulation of antifreeze is green in color and uses ethylene glycol as a base with anti-corrosion additives mi...Read Article

How Car Cooling Systems Work

Updated on 5/10/2005
Although gasoline engines have improved a lot, they are still not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power. Most of the en...Read Article

Radiator Caps Take Pressure Off Car Owners

Updated on 5/10/2005
  Maintaining the anti-freeze coolant is an important aspect of a healthy cooling system. This involves one of the most basic components of ...Read Article

Cooling System Quiz

Updated on 5/10/2005
  A fairly common household disaster is flooding of the laundry area due to a split hose on a washing machine. Also vulnerable to a similar disa...Read Article

Cooling System Operation

Updated on 5/10/2005
The purpose of the cooling system is to absorb excess heat generated by the engine and cool the automatic transmission fluid. Some models will also in...Read Article

Cooling System: Pressure Cap

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   The pressure cap controls pressure in the cooling system. The cap may be mounted on the radiator filler neck or on top of the c...Read Article

Climate Control: Heater Core

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   A small radiator-like heat exchanger mounted inside the HVAC housing. The heater core has an inlet and outlet that enables co...Read Article

Cooling System: Reservoir

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   The reservoir, or expansion tank as it’s sometimes called, is a semi-transparent plastic bottle that may be pressurized or non-...Read Article

Cooling System: Thermostat

Updated on 5/10/2005
  Description   A typical thermostat consists of an outer body that houses a temperature-sensitive valve that opens and closes based of...Read Article

Cooling System: Cooling Fan

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   Two different types of cooling fans may be used for the cooling system. Traditionally, cars have used belt-driven, mechanical f...Read Article

Cooling System: Engine Heater

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   Electrically operated heaters are often available as optional equipment on cars and light trucks. The heater may warm coolant w...Read Article

Cold Facts about A/C Refrigerant

Updated on 5/10/2005
How did we ever get along without air conditioning in our cars? It's a feature we take for granted until, suddenly, it's blowing hot air.  In the...Read Article

Cooling System: Heater Control Valve

Updated on 5/10/2005
Description   A heater control valve may be located in one of the heater hoses to regulate coolant flow to the heater core. The valve is usua...Read Article

Measuring A Radiator

Updated on 5/10/2005
Radiator types and configuration The downflow radiator is designed so coolant flows from the top tank to the bottom tank. Tubes are mounted verti...Read Article

Radiator Installation Instructions

Updated on 1/16/2007
  The replacement radiator is installed by following the basic steps listed below. Please keep in mind that the radiator installations vary ...Read Article

Heater Core Installation Guidelines

Updated on 1/16/2007
  When installing a new replacement heater core, it is important to remember that heater core installations vary from car to car, and the fo...Read Article

Measuring a Bolt Together Radiator Core

Updated on 11/29/2007
We carry bolt-together radiator cores for trucks and industrial equipment.  Because there are many different fin configurations and core sizes, i...Read Article

Installation Instructions Special Offer

Updated on 11/19/2008
When you purchase a part from CompleteRadiators.com, we will provide Radiator and Heater Core installation instructions absolutely FREE!   I...Read Article



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