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Unmatched quality at low prices guarantee a perfect fit Studebaker radiator at an affordable price for your car or truck. Over 2000 applications from the smallest import cars to the largest over the road trucks are available for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.  Order today and receive your part tomorrow!  With our extensive network of locations spread throughout the United States, most online orders will be received the next day!

Remember that when installing a new Studebaker radiator, it is strongly recommended that you check your radiator hoses, radiator clamps, thermostat and radiator cap to make sure they are in good condition and replace if necessary. Always replace the radiator coolant with the same kind that was removed (refer to your owner's manual to identify the coolant that was used in your Studebaker radiator originally). Check our online radiator catalog for the lowest prices for a Studebaker radiator and get your car back on the road today. Also, check our article section for step-by-step Radiator Installation Instructions.

Here are a few preventive service tips anyone can perform at least once a year to keep their engine cooling systems running at peak performance: 

  • Inspect all connections and components for leaks.
  • Inspect all hose clamps and fittings; tighten if necessary
  • inspect all hoses and belts and replace them if they are cracked, worn or deteriorated.
  • Never use tap water when adding a 50/50 mixture of coolant/water to the vehicle. Always use distilled or demineralized water to prevent corrosion.
  • Be sure your coolant level is at the appropriate level, top it off only with a 50/50 mix of the OE coolant type and distilled or demineralized water.
  • Check the condition of the radiator cap and replace it if the gasket is worn.

If engine temperature varies from running too hot or too cool under normal operating conditions, a faulty thermostat or cooling fan may be the problem. Proper fan speed must be maintained to keep air flowing consistently through the radiator. Fan clutch slippage or faulty electronic control units can cause the fan RPM to vary.

Studebaker Radiator

Your Studebaker Radiator is the heart of your cooling system, don't settle for any thing less than the highest quality Studebaker Radiator.  Over 35 years selling Radiators, we can meet all your Studebaker Radiator needs.   Our top quality Modine Studebaker Radiators are known across the industry as the highest quality brand and  carry a full nationwide lifetime warranty.  Studebaker Radiators are our specialty, so feel confident buying your Studebaker radiator here.

All new Studebaker Radiators at low prices ensure 100% satisfied Studebaker radiator customers.   Our state of the art online catalog and ordering system will help you effortlessly find the correct Studebaker radiator and complete the order online.  Order you Studebaker radiator from us, and your Studebaker radiator will be delivered to your door fast.  If you are concerned with the level of skill needed to install your new Studebaker Radiator, don't worry.  Every purchase of a Studebaker radiator qualifies for a discounted subscription to online installation instructions that will help you install your Studebaker Radiator.  Please feel free to contact our Studebaker Radiator experts for questions or advice concerning your Studebaker Radiator. 

radiators Studebaker

Studebaker 2R10 RadiatorStudebaker 2R11 RadiatorStudebaker 2R16 Radiator
Studebaker 2R16A RadiatorStudebaker 2R17 RadiatorStudebaker 2R17A Radiator
Studebaker 2R5 RadiatorStudebaker 2R6 RadiatorStudebaker 3E1 Radiator
Studebaker 3E10 RadiatorStudebaker 3E11 RadiatorStudebaker 3E11D Radiator
Studebaker 3E12 RadiatorStudebaker 3E12D RadiatorStudebaker 3E13 Radiator
Studebaker 3E14 RadiatorStudebaker 3E5 RadiatorStudebaker 3E6 Radiator
Studebaker 3E6D RadiatorStudebaker 3E7 RadiatorStudebaker 3E7D Radiator
Studebaker 3R10 RadiatorStudebaker 3R11 RadiatorStudebaker 3R16 Radiator
Studebaker 3R17 RadiatorStudebaker 3R28 RadiatorStudebaker 3R38 Radiator
Studebaker 3R5 RadiatorStudebaker 3R6 RadiatorStudebaker 4E1 Radiator
Studebaker 4E11 RadiatorStudebaker 4E11D RadiatorStudebaker 4E12 Radiator
Studebaker 4E12D RadiatorStudebaker 4E13 RadiatorStudebaker 4E14 Radiator
Studebaker 4E2 RadiatorStudebaker 4E2D RadiatorStudebaker 4E3 Radiator
Studebaker 4E3D RadiatorStudebaker 4E5 RadiatorStudebaker 4E7 Radiator
Studebaker 4E7D RadiatorStudebaker 5E11 RadiatorStudebaker 5E12 Radiator
Studebaker 5E12D RadiatorStudebaker 5E13 RadiatorStudebaker 5E13D Radiator
Studebaker 5E5 RadiatorStudebaker 5E6 RadiatorStudebaker 5E7 Radiator
Studebaker 5E7D RadiatorStudebaker 6E10 RadiatorStudebaker 6E11 Radiator
Studebaker 6E12 RadiatorStudebaker 6E12D RadiatorStudebaker 6E13 Radiator
Studebaker 6E13D RadiatorStudebaker 6E5 RadiatorStudebaker 6E7 Radiator
Studebaker 6E7D RadiatorStudebaker 7E10 RadiatorStudebaker 7E11 Radiator
Studebaker 7E12 RadiatorStudebaker 7E12D RadiatorStudebaker 7E13 Radiator
Studebaker 7E13D RadiatorStudebaker 7E5 RadiatorStudebaker 7E7 Radiator
Studebaker 8E10 RadiatorStudebaker 8E11 RadiatorStudebaker 8E12 Radiator
Studebaker 8E12D RadiatorStudebaker 8E13 RadiatorStudebaker 8E14 Radiator
Studebaker 8E15 RadiatorStudebaker 8E5 RadiatorStudebaker 8E6 Radiator
Studebaker 8E7 RadiatorStudebaker 8E7D RadiatorStudebaker Avanti Radiator
Studebaker Challenger RadiatorStudebaker Champ 5E5 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 6E5 Radiator
Studebaker Champ 7E5 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 8E5 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 5E6 Radiator
Studebaker Champ 5E7 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 6E7 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 7E7 Radiator
Studebaker Champ 8E7 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 6E10 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 7E10 Radiator
Studebaker Champ 8E10 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 5E11 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 5E12 Radiator
Studebaker Champ 6E12 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 7E12 RadiatorStudebaker Champ 8E12 Radiator
Studebaker Champion RadiatorStudebaker Commander Land Cruiser RadiatorStudebaker Commander Radiator
Studebaker Commander Model 70 RadiatorStudebaker Commander Model 71 RadiatorStudebaker Commander Model 73 Radiator
Studebaker Cruiser RadiatorStudebaker Daytona RadiatorStudebaker Deluxe 4E7 Radiator
Studebaker Deluxe 4E11 RadiatorStudebaker Deluxe 4E12 RadiatorStudebaker Dictator Radiator
Studebaker Dictator Model 62 RadiatorStudebaker Dictator Model FC RadiatorStudebaker E10 Radiator
Studebaker E11 RadiatorStudebaker E12 RadiatorStudebaker E13 Radiator
Studebaker E14 RadiatorStudebaker E15 RadiatorStudebaker E16 Radiator
Studebaker E17 RadiatorStudebaker E28 RadiatorStudebaker E38 Radiator
Studebaker E5 RadiatorStudebaker E6 RadiatorStudebaker E7 Radiator
Studebaker Flight Hawk RadiatorStudebaker Golden Hawk RadiatorStudebaker Gran Radiator
Studebaker Hawk RadiatorStudebaker J5 RadiatorStudebaker K5 Radiator
Studebaker L5 RadiatorStudebaker Lark RadiatorStudebaker M16 Radiator
Studebaker M17 RadiatorStudebaker M5 RadiatorStudebaker Police Car Radiator
Studebaker Power Hawk RadiatorStudebaker President RadiatorStudebaker President FE Radiator
Studebaker President Model 82 RadiatorStudebaker President Model 90 RadiatorStudebaker President Model 91 Radiator
Studebaker President Speedway Model 92 RadiatorStudebaker Scotsman 3E1 RadiatorStudebaker Scotsman 4E1 Radiator
Studebaker Scotsman 4E2 RadiatorStudebaker Scotsman 4E3 RadiatorStudebaker Silver Hawk Radiator
Studebaker SKY Hawk RadiatorStudebaker State President RadiatorStudebaker Taxi Radiator
Studebaker Transtar 2E5 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E5 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E6 Radiator
Studebaker Transtar 2E7 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E7 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E10 Radiator
Studebaker Transtar 3E11 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 2E12 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E12 Radiator
Studebaker Transtar 3E13 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E14 RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E6D Radiator
Studebaker Transtar 3E7D RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E11D RadiatorStudebaker Transtar 3E12D Radiator
Studebaker Wagonaire Radiator



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